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Game features:

Acompanhe todas as funcionalidades ativa no servidor.

  • A private server in BR/USA and available for WindowsOS;
  • Drop in CPs by monster with tasks/missions;
  • 10 balanced characters to choose;
  • New class Wind-Walker and Thunderstriker;
  • Smelting Anima P1-P18;
  • Relic Forging Competition;
  • Power of Mystery Runes;
  • Epic weapons and abilities are implemented;
  • Chi, Inner Power, Refinery and Subclasses, Jiang-Hu;
  • Dragon Souls, Refinaries, Accessories and Skill Souls;
  • Various PVP events/tournaments include Pro-Arena;
  • Dedicated support center to respond as quickly as possible;
  • A top-notch Server to ensure the best performance.
Customer management
Customer management